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Super Stripper is our most powerful water soluble degreaser. It will quickly and safely remove all of the toughest buildups may it be grease, oil, glue, adhesives and ink without heavy scrubbing or elbow grease.

Super Stripper is biodegredable, non-flammable and non-toxic. It can be used undiluted for the toughest jobs or up to 20:1 with water for easier applications.


This is a new revolutionary product that contains no butyl or harsh solvents. It will safely and effectively remove virtually any buildup of grease, oil and ink from any surface. It is biodegradable, non flammable, non toxic and non corrosive rendering an unmatched combination of heavy duty cleaning strength with total safety. It will dilute with water up to 50:1 for light cleaning jobs, to 3:1 for tough stubborn buildup. (PN:BLITZ128)

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Sure Bond

Excellent material for filling deep ruts, cracks and holes in concrete floors. Skid and slip resistant surface is easy to clean. Approved by the U.S.D.A. for use in meat packing plants. (PN:SBOND686)

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Power Clean

Power Clean is a concentrated, heavy duty concrete, equipment and starch line cleaner. This all natural, biodegradable formula uses no petroleum distillates and will effectively strip away and break down grease, grime, wax, oils, adhesives, starches, inks, gums and more. In addition it will not harm bacterial agents in starch lines. (PN:PCLEAN1268)

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Lemon Water Based Odor Control

This product is designed to eliminate odors eminating from starches and other chemical composistions. Simply add the prescribed amount to starchlines / tanks on a preventative basis and never worry about foul odors again. This product does not affect bacterial action thus it will not do any harm to your corrugated lines. Any plant that has odors whether thay are from starch or sewage will receive immediate relief from said odors. (PN:648D)

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Multi-Purpose Hand Towels

Multi-Purpose Hand Towels are premoistened with a high-powered, multipurpose, grease-cutting formula that lifts away tar, adhesives, wax, ink, paint and lubricants from hands and other non-porous surfaces. (PN:A1539)

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Chemically inert, non-oily, fast-drying lubricant and release agent that contains an extremely fine PTFE powder. Features outstanding microscopic film-forming properties that are slipperier than silicone, graphite or oil. Provides superior friction reduction in all metal-on-metal, rubber-on-metal, and metal-on-plastic applications. (PN:T81010)

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Cell Brite

Cell Brite is a revolutionary new way to deep clean anilox rolls and printing plates. It contains a unique blend of degreasers and surfactants that will quickly and safely emulsify dried ink for the cells in the anilox rolls. It will clean printing plates without pitting or discoloring them. Plus the fact that it comes in a ready to use form in quart spray bottles means that there is no mixing or handling of dangerous chemicals to deal with. It is also available in concentrate form where it can dilute up to 50:1. (PN:CBRITE)

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"Over a quarter century of excelence in supplying North American industries"

Established in 1986 Flagship Industries has been sailing along all of North America for almost 30 years. While we supply a full array of products for any manufacturing facility, we specialize in products for the corrugated box/print industry, refineries, and glass manufacturing plants. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is always on hand to help out in any situation.

From industrial cleaners, aerosols, lubricants, spill control products to floor coatings, ice melter, weed control, waste water and sewerage treatment products we encompass product lines for all types of industry.

Don’t forget to check out our extensive line of premoistened wipes and food grade products. Our underlying goal is to provide every facility with cost friendly, green and highly effective quality products to fit their specific needs.

Supplying complete cleaning, lubrication and maintenance product lines to North American Industries for over 25 years.


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